El Dorado Solar

Hecate Energy El Dorado Solar Farm is a proposed 500 MW photovoltaic (PV) solar energy generation facility that will create a major source of emission-free, renewable energy for the residents and businesses of Butler and Sedgewick Counties in southeastern Kansas.

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Proposed Project

  • A 500 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic (PV) solar power generation facility in Butler County, Kansas that will turn energy from the sun’s rays into clean, economical and emission-free electricity for up to 125,000 homes.
  • Planned to be built four miles north of El Dorado, Kansas. It is expected to sit on approximately 3,500 acres, though the actual acreage covered by panels will be much smaller.
  • $550 million privately funded infrastructure improvement.
  • The project will use panels that tilt to follow the sun, ensuring the project is generating the maximum amount of energy each day.
  • Operation is quiet with no pollution and infrequent site activity once built.
  • The site will be surrounded by a wildlife-friendly perimeter fence and tree buffers to block most lines of sight, in accordance with the county solar ordinance.

Power Generation

500 MW

emission-free energy

Homes Powered


in southeastern Kansas

Community Benefit

$93.9 M

economic impact

Community and Environmental Benefits

Hecate Energy believes in establishing beneficial, collaborative partnerships with communities that host our projects. By working closely with local stakeholders, we can tailor projects to maximize benefits and reduce impact.

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Community Benefits

El Dorado Solar will provide long-term, sustainable revenue to support local and regional projects and services.

Environmental Benefits

The solar-powered electricity generated will offset conventional emission producing sources, contributing to improved air quality and combatting climate change

Economic Opportunities

El Dorado Solar’s investment will result in nearly $84 million in area economic stimulus including jobs created during construction and operations